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Strategic Customer Finance Programs

Why is IQ Capital So Focused on Strategic Customer Finance Programs?

Companies today face new and mounting competitive pressures. Capital has become harder for their customers to come by, making sales even more difficult. At the same time, technological changes continue to accelerate, giving manufacturers less time than ever to pay back their R&D investments.

Traditional financing sources such as banks and leasing companies are unable to keep pace with the rapidly evolving technologies and ever-more specialized markets. (Try asking your bank to finance a series of optical routers or complex medical monitoring devices. It’s not likely to happen in any reasonable timeframe, if at all.)

Meanwhile, the largest manufacturers have created in-house finance corporations with the ability to finance sales and a built-in captive audience (these are called “captive” programs). All while other manufacturers are left without financing from the traditional sources.

Customers demand complete solutions. Today this includes financing, just as much as features, training and support. If a manufacturer cannot finance a deal, and the traditional finance source cannot finance the deal, the customer will go to the manufacturer who can. To accomplish this IQ Capital has invested in a a best of class wholesale lender base to fund the widest variety of transactions.

Is this trend dangerous for your company? Consider that starting in 2003, for the first time, manufacturers themselves provide more than 50% of the total amount of equipment financing. They’re stealing share from banks and traditional finance companies, so more and more, they’re the only place for customers to turn. Yet up 80% of manufacturers have no financing capabilities whatsoever!

The reality is that in the economic future, manufacturers with strategic customer finance programs will dominate. Those programs will take the form of an in-house financial corporation or a partner like IQ Capital.

IQ capital provides vision, experience, expertise, and funding diversity that match or surpass the programs of the leading in-house financial corporations. We’re in business to give manufacturers the ability to implement strategic customer finance programs that can compete and surpass the programs offered by the largest manufacturers. The results are marketing and sales successes.

It’s working for our partners. It can work for you, because we know better than anyone how it’s done.


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