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Services- Customized  Leasing Plans

Private Label and Co-branding —

IQ Capital is able to develop leasing programs that are either Private Label or co-branded. Private Label programs appear and act as vendor owned finance company. The documents are reflect the name of the vendor and uses its logo on all documents. A Co-branded program would contain both the vendor’s names and that of the lender. In both cases the programs is marketed through the vendor’s sales group and have the look and feel of the vendor’s marketing plan.

Flexible Lease Terms —

IQ Capital understands that one size does not fit all programs. Care is taken to evaluate both the vendor’s and the customer’s needs. We are able to offer programs that have:

Seasonal payments        Skip payments       Challenged credits

Project financing              Software only e-Leasing programs

Pay per use                       Operating/True leases

 Direct Finance leases    Technology Refresh


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